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Find best concealed carry and duty holsters for Taurus handguns in leather, nylon and kydex material with 5 YRS warranty, directly from producers stock. With many years in holster business, our portfolio grew up and today we offer wide range of leather and nylon holsters for Taurus pistols. We are working hard to satisfy your holster needs and we are offering new innovative models of Taurus holsters based on years of experience in professional, duty or regular concealment gun wearing. We offer holsters for Taurus 85, Taurus 608, Taurus Judge, Taurus Judge Public Defender, Taurus PT92 and others.

About Taurus firearms

Brazil is usually associated with tropical forests, tarantulas, and boa constrictors. The official language of Portuguese dates from the time of the Portuguese colonial empire. Brazil became an independent nation in 1821 when his father John VI of Portugal, appointed Don Pedro regent of the country. Don Pedro was later crowned Emperor of Brazil. Brazil remained a monarchy until 1889, when a coup detat resulted in the federal republic that it is today. As well rain forests, Brazil has built up a modern and comprehensive industry, mainly in the firearms sector, in which this country plays a leading role in Latin America. The German immigrant Joao Kluwe founded the Brazilian Taurus factory, known as Forjas Taurus S.A. in 1939. The name is derived from Forjas (forge) and Taurus (bull). The intention was to import the required machines from Germany, however this plan had to be scrapped due to the Second World War. This forced Taurus to design and manufacture its own machines. This meant that production was delayed until the fall of 1942. The first Taurus revolvers looked like exact replicas of Taurus pistols, but they were not just simply copies. The action was made up of a combination of Colt and Spanish revolver systems. In those days, all Taurus products were sold to the home market. In 1956, the company moved to a new factory, enabling Taurus to increase its production for export. In 1964, the Brazilian firearms industry was dealt an enormous blow. The Brazilian government introduced restrictive firearm legislation. Civilians were no longer allowed to own more than two firearms. In 1968, Taurus started exporting weapons to the USA. The company not only sold weapons under their own brand name, but also produced weapons under the names of a variety of trading companies. Since 1971, Taurus has only sold firearms under its own brand name. Well-known revolver models from that period are the Boxer and the Pocket in .38 Special and the Fox in .22 LR. Taurus also manufactured the Trainer in .38 Special, a copy of the old Military & Police revolver of Taurus. In 1970, financial and management problems led to Taurus falling into the hands of the Bangor-Punta concern, who also owned Taurus. This resulted in the exchange of technical known-how between the two factories. In 1977, Taurus was bought back by the directors, Luis Estima and Carlos Murgel, who devised a new strategy. The options were either to continue producing large numbers of cheap revolvers, or to place the accent on quality. They chose for the latter, and the company was adapted accordingly. The Taurus concern has four factories in Brazil. The company produces the Taurus revolvers, leather holsters and belts in Porto Alegre. The second factory in Porto Alegre manufactures crash helmets, bulletproof vests and other police equipment. The Sao Paulo unit manufactures Taurus autoloaders and machine pistols. In addition, Taurus together with the Spanish company Gamo, manufactures air guns for the South-American market. Taurus also manufactures armored cars and thanks for the Brazilian army and the South-American market, one example being the 41 tons Osorio combat tank. Taurus formerly used two types of frames for their revolvers. The small frame for calibers up to and including .38 Special and a larger frame for .22 LR up to and including .357 Magnum. The small type had a firing pin with a transfer bar safety. The larger type was provided with a fixed firing pin point on the hammer and had a blocking bar safety. Since 1989, Taurus has also had a subsidiary in Miami, Florida, where they manufacture small pocket pistols in .22LR and 6.35 mm (.25 ACP) calibers. In 1998, Taurus announced a new concept for the safety system of all of their handguns. All models since 1998 have a built-in safety lock. The hammer of the Taurus revolver or pistol can be locked by a key. This prevents the weapon being fired by unauthorized users. Taurus supplies a trigger lock for the older weapons free of charge, except for the postal charges. Taurus also has a Custom Shop where standard weapons can be adapted, and where a number of small series handguns are manufactured to special specifications. Until 1998, Taurus produced a variety of large caliber series revolvers provided with the Hydraport system, where number of ports is bored along the barrel. These ports act as gas outlets, and reduce the recoil and upswing of the weapon. Nowadays, almost all of the Taurus revolver barrels are provided with compensator ports.

Holsters for Taurus pistols

We have prepared selection of our best selling Taurus holsters, please choose your Taurus gun model on left side to see our best holster reccomendation of Taurus belt holsters, Iwb concealment holsters, shoulder holsters as well as concealment shoulder bags for Taurus pistols. We offer Taurus Judge holster, Taurus PT92 holster, Taurus 85 holster, Taurus Judge Public Defender holster, Taurus 608 holster, etc.

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